Forecon produces market information, expert analyses and information on the business cycles of the operational environment as well as forecasts for the construction and real-estate actors for decision making.

Forecon provides assistance in forecasting changes in the markets and their effects on our clients’ businesses. Our services support business development and operational planning such as budgeting, strategy formulation, new product development choices and directing marketing efforts. The information also assists in starting the business as well in operational production management as in scaling production resources.

Our strengths include managing both national and international knowledge of the construction and real-estate businesses, internal structure of the construction sector and understanding, analyzing and forecasting its development. Our core business is producing construction material usage forecasts and market surveys for companies by utilizing our forecasting models. These models can be used for example to calculate how the demand potential of construction materials is going to develop in the future.

Construction market forecasting services have moved from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland to Forecon Ltd. Foreon continues to offer independent expert services based on research information.

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