The next Euroconstruct conference will take place in Stockholm on 10-11 June 2024.

Monitoring and forecasting the operating environment of construction in Finland and internationally

We are a Finnish expert company specialising in the construction markets. We provide construction products manufacturers, construction companies, product resellers, organisations, investors, interest groups and public sector actors the knowledge about the construction markets they need to plan their activities.

We monitor developments in the domestic construction markets and forecast future trends. Monitoring enables us e.g. to offer construction materials manufacturers information on the markets, their volume as well as their own business environment thereby helping them in strategic planning, setting their production and sales goals, becoming internationalised or acquiring companies.

Besides monitoring construction trends, we also conduct wide-ranging research, surveys and analyses on construction, use of the resources of construction, and the impacts of construction as well as domestic and international construction markets.

Why choose Forecon?

Information is of critical importance in decision-making. Picking the most essential information for decision-making from the flood available today can be a challenge. Forecon produces the right information for the right people for decision-making and development of business operations.

The up-to-dateness, long-term nature and extent of our data collection and monitoring, as well as our familiarity with the content of construction, are our primary strengths in forecasting developments in the construction markets. Our forecasts are made based on comprehensive data using versatile calculation models. Thus, our reliable and accurate forecasts can be targeted to meet the precise needs of a company.

In addition to the Finnish construction markets, we are also familiar with the European and international markets. As a consequence, our customers include also international actors besides companies based in Finland. We are the Finnish representative of EUROCONSTRUCT – the international expert and forecasting network of construction.

Welcome to the following Euroconstruct Conference!

The next, 97. The EUROCONSTRUCT conference will take place in Stockholm on 10-11 June 2024 and will be organised by our sister organisation Prognoscentret.

The conference will present the medium-term macroeconomic and construction market results for 2023, the forecast for 2024 and 2025 and the outlook for 2026.

Read more about the conference in Euroconstruct’s webpage.


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Welcome to the next Euroconstruct conference in Stockholm!

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