The previous EUROCONSTRUCT® conference was held in Munich, Germany at 23.-24.11.2017. 


The conference material is available for purchase through Forecon. 


Forecon has the honor to host you the following conference at Helsinki, Finland at 7.-8.6.2018 .


The 85nd Euroconstruct conference will take place in Finland  in the unique Finlandia Hall. The conference websites will be opened in the beginning of 2018.

EUROCONSTRUCT® conferences have been held since 1974.

Review and outlook for the European construction industry as well as the economic situation and its future prospects in Europe are under consideration in the conference. There is also a special construction related current issue under consideration in every conference. The conference begins in the previous evening with familiarization with the local culture, sightseeing or a building sight and dinner. The conference is a high-quality seminar with current issues with expert orators. The event enables discussion on economy and construction markets also with the participants.

The EUROCONSTRUCT® conference has been held twice in Finland organized by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. Last time was in Helsinki in June 2011. The first time was in 1992 soon after VTT had joined the network.