The Euroconstruct network

EUROCONSTRUCT® is the leading European network for construction market analysis and forecasting that publishes detailed construction market forecast in a conference held twice a year, in June and in November.. The network inludes 19 member countries, each represented by and independent and impartial organization.

Forecon Ltd is Finland’s representative in the EUROCONSTRUCT® network. The network includes total of 19 member countries and organizations. Every country is represented in the network by independent and neutral organization - expert company or a research institute.

There are 19 countries in the network:


  • Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark
  • Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Great-Britain
  • Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Ireland, Portugal
  • Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia


Further information on EUROCONSTRUCT® network at the network's own web pages.