Your trip to Helsinki

Arriving to Finland

Helsinki airport is ranked among the best in the world and there are plenty of direct flight connections worldwide. From airport you can get to the city easily by using either train, shuttle bus or a taxi. The train station is located in the same terminal where all the arriving flights are and a train to the city center (trains P and I) departures once in every ten minutes. Train connection to city takes about 30 minutes. Note that you must purchase the train ticket before entering the train.

Photographer:Lauri Rotko

Photographer: Jussi Hellsten

Getting around in Helsinki

Helsinki is fairly reachable city by walking around but in case you are looking for public transport, there is many options and using a trip planner is recommended.

Using a taxi is Finland is easy. All the taxis have similar pricing and all the taxis work with a running meter.

Spending time in Helsinki

In case you are planning to spend some private time before or after the conference, there is many things to do. While Finland is known for its remarkable nature, also the urban environment and Helsinki provide plenty of things to do.

Have a look at MyHelsinki’s website for the top attractions and the most interesting sights.

Also, please find the map for the key places in Helsinki.

Spending more time in Helsinki? Have a day trip to Tallinn

The Estonian capital Tallinn is only a few hours ferry trip from Helsinki. The connections are daily and frequent. Tallinn is a beautiful medieval city that used to be part of the Hanseatic League. Companies that offer ferry connections between the two capitals are for example Tallink Silja, Viking Line, Eckerö Line and Linda Line.