Construction in Finland and abroad: monitoring and forecasting

We make forecasts related to the construction business environment, markets and trends for the use of construction-sector actors, investors and the public sector. We monitor the current situation in construction and anticipate future trends. The content of forecasts and surveys is customised fully according to the customer’s data needs if necessary.

We monitor and forecast construction markets by sectors and sub-sectors. We provide forecasts e.g. on the following sectors of construction:

  • Civil engineering or building construction
  • New construction or renovation
  • Residential or non-residential construction

The content of forecasts is always adapted to our client’s activities and goals. This ensures that they serve and advance the client’s business as effectively as possible.

Construction companies, construction products producers and resellers, and public actors benefit from construction forecasts

Our surveys are intended primarily for construction companies, public actors and construction products producers. Based on economic surveys our clients can plan and define the scope of their activities more precisely and effectively.

Our forecasts are built on broad surveys

In surveys of the development of construction markets we take into consideration developments in the global economy and macroeconomics as well as changes in the construction business environment. If necessary, we also indicate how these developments impact demand for construction products.

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Our forecasts cover the desired geographical area

We monitor and forecast construction within the geographic boundaries defined by our client, such as the entire Finnish market, a certain Finnish region, the Baltic region, the Nordic countries or Europe as a whole. Regional boundaries are always set according to the needs of the client.

The construction market forecasts for Finland are region- or even municipality-based. Our regional forecasts deal with their building stock, municipality-based construction production statistics as well as development of the most significant individual construction projects.

In addition to forecasts on Finnish construction, we also study the sector in Russia, the Baltics, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. We use methods developed in Finland in forecasting international developments, where applicable, but always consider the special features of construction in the target area.

Our forecasts are highly accurate thanks to the long-term nature of our monitoring

Many companies try to forecast construction trends based on self-collected data. The data collected by an individual company is, however, often too narrow in scope or improperly focused with regard to the products they use or the activities they engage in. The narrower the scope of the information used to make forecasts, the more inaccurate they are.

Our strength lies in the scope of the data we use in forecasting and the long-term nature of our monitoring. Since we have available vast amounts of systematic basic data, we are able to make significantly more accurate, focused and in-depth forecasts than companies’ internal market researchers.