Customer Satisfaction Research for Construction

Satisfied and loyal customers are a prerequisite for long-term and profitable business. Customer satisfaction research, on the other hand, ensures that customers’ expectations are met, and that they remain satisfied and loyal. On the other hand, with the help of the research results, it is possible to find out and thus correct the areas where the customers’ expectations are not met, and which cause dissatisfaction. Forecon’s customer satisfaction survey in the construction industry is based on a strong international research model, in which, in addition to customer satisfaction, the factors affecting satisfaction and their weighting values ​​are explored.

Versatile research model for different situations

Forecon’s research model is suitable for many companies in different situations and needs. Each research is always defined according to the need for information and the nature of the customer:

  • Business to Consumers (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B)?
  • The entire customer base or a certain stage of the service process (e.g. only new customers)?
  • Ad-hoc or continuous research?
  • General (short questionnaire) or specific (long questionnaire) research?
  • Analysis of own customers or comparative research?

Prioritization of development areas as a result of the analysis

We analyze the research data using a statistical method, which we use to calculate how much different factors (drivers) affect customer satisfaction. The result of the analysis helps us to choose the areas that are worth investing in, and which are worth prioritizing in the development work. The customer satisfaction research also serves as a measure that can be used to monitor the development of the quality of customer work in accordance with the goal.

Reporting and utilization of results

We present the results with an illustrative dashboard, where you can quickly get an up-to-date overview of the results, and where the results can also be analyzed in more detail. The dashboard can be customized as needed for different users, so that each user can directly access the results that are relevant to their own work and that are of interest to them. Written summary reports and personal results presentations deepen the interpretation and utilization of the results. We will help in interpreting the results and drawing conclusions, so that the research results gets the greatest possible benefit for the development of customer work.


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