Research projects and inquiries

We conduct various kinds of studies related to construction and its development for the public sector, construction-sector companies and organisations.

They include:

  • Comprehensive surveys of the business environment of construction
  • Overviews of various sub-sectors and production inquiries
  • Sub-sector definition and development projects
  • Benchmarks
  • Interest-group analyses, interviews and workshops
  • Presentations, training and top management coaching
  • Internationalisation surveys
  • Life-cycle costing of different building types
  • Employment and business impact analyses for projects
  • Investment calculations
  • Operation cost calculations
  • Surveys related to the state of the built environment
  • Renovation needs analyses
  • Environmental and energy analyses, e.g. carbon footprint related surveys
  • Housing production needs analyses


We help public actors and enterprises prepare for the future

Our studies allow the public sector to redirect construction-related emphases and respond effectively to future changes in construction, renovation or living. We also conduct non-profit research projects and impact analyses which benefit the entire construction sector in addition to the public sector.

Companies can plan their activities and target their investments, make decisions related to product development, and develop their business cost-effectively aided by our research. They can also discover entirely new construction business areas.

Our research background guarantees the high quality of our work

We are building on the foundation of the research started at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland in the 1970’s. Since the expertise of Forecon is based on long experience from different research methods, we are also able to implement very large research projects that take into account the long-term developments in construction and living. This background enables us to serve effectively especially the public sector.