History and activities of Forecon Ltd

Forecon Ltd is a company founded in 2013 focusing on the construction markets and their monitoring. Although we are a young company, our history dates back to the 1970’s when VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland established a research unit that focuses on monitoring the construction markets. The activities and bulk of the staff transferred from VTT to Forecon in 2013. Ever since we have persistently continued the monitoring and research started by VTT.

Besides the Finnish construction markets, we also monitor construction in Europe and the Baltics. We are the Finnish member of the EUROCONSTRUCT network that monitors and forecasts developments in European construction.

Public sector research projects and business development

Our aim is to help construction-sector companies develop and focus their business correctly. We are an independent actor committed to providing enterprises impartial factual information and/or an honest external expert view. As a result of that and our wide-ranging activities, we feel that we are a research unit that has a societal impact. Thus, we invest resources in public sector research projects whereby our research expertise benefits greatly not only the public sector but also the entire construction sector and society as a whole.